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Goal Clarity/Sustainability Plans/Best Practices/Raising The Money You Deserve/Social Media Campaigns/Breaking Through Barriers


My fundraising review service will examine your organization's leaders understanding and utilization of the building blocks for successful fundraising.  I will deliver effective strategies for deploying traditional and innovative solutions as a part of your organization’s fundraising plan, with a focus on the importance of connecting your organization’s needs to funder interests.  Learn how to use my service to find funders and get tips on using the research I provide to approach your prospects with confidence.

Business Plans  

Technology Needs 

Grant Proposal Review and Application

First Fundraising Strategies


A successful nonprofit organization has diversified funding streams. If your organization has never developed a fundraising plan or calendar, contact me for a free review of your plans, even if informally drafted.  This service is geared to provide new nonprofit leaders with an overview of the process of strategically thinking through the components of a fundraising plan. You'll learn how to:



  • Take stock of your organization's strengths and assets

  • Develop a case statement

  • Set fundraising goals

  • Identify funding partners

  • Prepare a fundraising plan and calendar


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